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2020 lived up to the ‘dystopian future’ hype we were all waiting for and it’s fitting to embrace the cultural byproducts; one of which being the sugary and abrasive sonics of hyperpop. 


Hyperpop accurately encapsulates the overwhelming experience of excitement peppered with anxiety plunging into what “NYC Summer 2021”  feels like. We’re all bursting at the seams to get back out into the social circuit while battling with our newly anticipated 10 p.m. bedtime and layers of various other stress. Hyperpop, however, grants us the right to rock out with our convoluted emotions out.


As with many artistic developments formed in the internet age, hyperpop is made up from a stew of influences → techno, nü metal, trance, pop, crunkcore, hip hop, dubstep, emo, electronic, chiptune. . . the list goes on. All these genres combined sounds like it would be gargle, but hyperpop blends it all with a sparkly hue. Pounding bass, twinkling synths, crystalline breakdowns, lo-fi or autuned vocals, and the spew of cyberculture are components of the hyperpop soundscape. (Think Lisa Frank merch as a vibration for a nice visual.) 


We are absolutely living in the golden age of hyperpop, as well. The primogenitors of the genre are actively building their discography and churning out hits at proper internet high speed. Artists like A.G. Cook + the crew at PC Music, SOPHIE (r.i.p.), 100 gecs, Charli XCX, and Dorian Electra are some bigger names creating this experimental pop and collaborating with fellow hyper musicians constantly. 


Along with the heavy hitters are the countless music producers releasing glucose laced tracks right from their bedrooms to immediately join the hyperpop canon. Aldn, meat computer, Petal Supply, Nosgov, Alice Gas, p4rkr, and Kid Trash are a sliver of the artists making waves presently. Excitingly, the digital pool of squeaks and high BPMs is continuously growing and waiting for listeners to dive right in. 


Regardless of whether hyperpop burns bright and fast or sticks around for a while, this is the summer to get into the unabashed freedom and fun this music pumps to your eardrums.


Below is a list of tracks to blast through your bluetooth speaker during your next trip to the beach or when you claim the aux at your friends’ rooftop dance party. . .



meat computer - “team edward” 

Charli XCX + A.G. Cook - “XCXOPLEX” 

aldn - “glittr”

Lil Mariko - “Hi, I’m a Slut” 

Coco & Clair Clair - “Crushcrushcrush”

Petal Supply - “2much” 

100 gecs - “hand crushed by a mallet” 

Alice Gas - “Paranoid”

Hannah Diamond - “Part of Me”

Bladee - “I Think. . .”

Nosgov - “goes nowhere” 

Dorian Electra - “Sorry Bro (I Love You)

A.G. Cook + Cecile Believe - “Show Me What” 

caro<3 - “heart in 2” 

Drainpuppet - “My Chakras are Fast and Hype”

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